Urethane Casting

Urethane casting is a cheaper alternative to expensive manufacturing processes like injection moulding, while still getting comparable results.

It produces end-use quality parts using a silicone mould and the material of your choice.

Urethane Casting


This material exhibits flexibility, hardness, and has a high load bearing capacity. End-use parts manufactured using polyurethane have an exceptional finish. Perfect for hardware enclosures.

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Urethane Casting Overview

Low Volume Production

This technology is ideal for initial, low-volume production runs. It provides the advantages of injection moulding at a fraction of the cost.


The process can be used with a variety of materials to produce production-quality parts. This makes it ideal for advanced prototyping, allowing you to test the design with different materials.

Proof-Of-Concept Models

Urethane casting produces high quality parts that can be effectively used in proof-of-concept pitches to communicate the salient features of your product.