Selective Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a 3D printing process that produces robust and versatile parts and objects using nylon.

Produce end-use parts or use the process to iterate on your prototype. This process does it all.

Urethane Casting


Nylon powder is fused together in this process to produce durable prints with a wide range of potential purposes. Nylon has a low friction coefficient, is durable, somewhat flexible, and cost effective.

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SLS Overview

Rapid Prototyping

This 3D printing technology shines when you’re producing parts in low-to-mid volumes. The short lead times allow you to effectively iterate on your prototypes.

Functional Testing

SLS produces parts that are durable, allowing you to test your design’s functionality, making sure that it’s industry-ready.

Cost Effective

SLS is at its most cost effective when you’re producing prints in low-to-mid volumes. The process allows you to obtain your 3D printed objects quickly and at a fraction of the cost of other manufacturing techniques.

Concept Models

Your approach to creating conceptual models will never be the same again. This 3D printing technology creates your models with incredible precision and speed. At the end, you’re left with a model that will highlight your design’s salient features while also being durable.