Fused Deposition Modeling

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a fast and efficient 3D printing technology that is widely used for rapid prototyping.

Iterate on your designs without a hiccup using the best thermoplastic materials available on the market.

Urethane Casting

FDM Overview

Rapid Prototyping

This 3D printing technology frees you to iterate on your prototypes like never before. It put the rapid in rapid prototyping and lets you effectively test form, fit, and function to arrive at a prototype that will shine in the field.

Concept Models

FDM is an incredible tool in the hands of a skilled architect or designer. It brings your creations to life right before your very eyes, allowing you to quickly create your conceptual model.

Cost Effective

The relatively low initial investment that accompanies FDM printers and the materials used in this process allows us to bring you this 3D printing service at an incredibly affordable and competitive price.


FDM is one of the most widespread 3D printing techniques, and the technology is only improving with every passing day. We make this already approachable process every more consumer friendly by taking the hassle out of the process.